The Key to the IMAX® system is the patented "Rolling Loop" projection system. Two loops are formed, before and after the lens of the projector. These loops push the film through the lens like a wave. The proprietary IMAX Rolling Loop technology ensures far superior picture and focus steadiness to deliver the largest, sharpest and brightest images imaginable. For example, an IMAX projector has a steadiness of .004 percentage change from frame-to-frame. A traditional 35mm film has a .12 steadiness in comparison. Even the heat of IMAX's 15,000-watt xenon projection bulb will cause a traditional 35mm film to buckle, something that can't happen in an IMAX projector thanks to a field flattener that holds IMAX's 70mm film steady and true.

The McLeod/Busse IMAX® Dome Theatre also features the new (SR) small rotor projector. This projector is only two feet wide and runs twice as fast at the traditional IMAX® projector. Combine this with the theatre's "quick turn reel" that allows the film to be replayed without being rewound and you have the world's most sophisticated film projection system.

And if that wasn't enough, due to popular demand and the generosity of local donors,The Science Station-McLeod/Busse IMAX® Dome Theatre upgraded its projection system in June of 2003, to show feature-length films that have been converted to 70mm using the IMAX DMR Process.




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